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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Silent Scorn: His idle hands, the devil's workshop

Generate more smoke than heat
Time and time again
what you said ain't what you mean
Even if all my bones are broken
I will drag myself back from the edge to

Kill the King. The King is dead, Long live the King,
I am the King. God save the King.


Distracted as usual. Enjoy.


  1. The skin tone is freaking awesome!

  2. The new Talos is damn nice man. Your paint job has done justice to the model.

  3. Like it very much bro.. nicely done and well into your concept :)

  4. Really nice bro. Again, you've got the look down. Bring it to hobby night for show and tell :)

  5. Metal colours are so cool ... they remind me of the metal pieces lying around in a auto/motorcycle workshop.

  6. Thx everyone for your comments.

    My 2nd Talos is under construction and should be complete soon. Will post that one up when it's done.