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Monday, 17 October 2011

Dannte and his little friend

I hate metals. 
Always have. 
Metal chips too easily. 
Plastic and fine-cast resin doesn't. 

I am actually very happy GW went fine-cast. So it is rather sad that I bought the metal Dante two weeks before his fine-cast version entered the shops. Bollocks.

Anyway, purchase regrets aside. You can see I've modified him plenty. Given him jump pack, wings, a new sword (never liked the axe), even a plastic Infernus from the Sanguinary Guard box. He fits nicely with my Sanguinary Guards now. 

However, the modifications were more than just for aesthetic reasons. They are for protection. The plastic add-ons serve as a kind of barrier to keep the metal chip-free. Thirty or more games in, and so far only the knuckles on the right hand have chipped. Hurrah!

Lastly, here's Zaphod complete. He was completed ages ago, I just never had a pick up. So here it is.
Now to work on my Storm Ravens...

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Not too many updates since last week.

My Sanguinary Guards continue their slow and steady progress. Only left 1 dude and Dannte. Of course, let's not forget the two Storm Ravens...

Anyhoo, here are the rest in stunning technigold.