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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Libby-rath (WIP)

So. Let me get this straight... you wanna use him as your Librarian?


. . . He doesn't look like a Librarian.

Neither does Mephiston, and he's Chief Librarian, mind you.

Yeah, but - your model - there's no psychic hood!

He does too. His hair's just covered all the wires attached on his head. 

. . . 

Use your imagination.

. . . And his face... ?

That's his death-mask.

That's a face!

No, it's his death-mask. 

You just painted his face gold!

That's his death-mask.

Death-masks aren't sculpted in a maniacal scream!

It's the result of a horrible Harlequin psychic attack. Turned the death-mask all wonky.

. . . so what are you gonna use if and when you decide to field Astorath?

Duh... A Librarian.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Casualties of War Paints

It took on half an Eldar army. Their black, blues and whites did little to dent its fervour.

Then a full Tyranid force descended upon it. From humongous monsters to lowly hordes, it took them all on, and finished them in good time. Yet their numbers certainly took a toll, and while it showed no ill constitution, its will was corroding within.

Then came the Sanguinary Guards. Their armour and spears had at it, and its blunt fortitude could take no more. Ultimately their wings became its undoing, shattering its will, and breaking its impossible spirit.

To which I say... "DAMNIT!"

Friday, 5 August 2011

Hey there Chap!

"Good mate, well met! That's a really nice two-handed weapon you got there.

Eh? Not using it - why ever not?

Spears? The boss has gone and given you spears? But wouldn't that make you all pointy and hard to get base-to-base contact? Nevermind I suppose. None of my business really...

Say, if you don't mind, could I use that weapon? Really? Sweet! Thanks man! Tell you what, the next time we go to war, I'll make you re-roll to hit and Fearless.

What do you mean you're already Fearless? I suppose all that's left is the re-roll to hit... Eh, master-crafted weapons? So what bloody good am I to you fellas?

Yes, well I suppose I am rather an attractive figure...

Hey! Hey wait! You there! You're one of them Honour Guards! How are you doing lad? Shelved eh? That's sad news... That being the case, could I use your jump pack and wings? C'mon I can make you re-roll to hit and Fearless! Don't be like that. C'mon. Hey. Hey! Hey, you better watch it fella, I got this here two-handed weapon and I'm wielding with only ONE HAND!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Minor updates on minor updates

Okay, been away for a while, I know...
Been awfully busy, sorry about that.

To begin with, I haven't been idle. 

Updated my Sanguinary Guards with fixed bases and more highlights on the black wings (thanks to everyone who commented previously). 
Also have started work on my major ICs (Dannte amongst them haha)

Anyway, here's some progress shots. More to come soon.