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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Libby-rath (WIP)

So. Let me get this straight... you wanna use him as your Librarian?


. . . He doesn't look like a Librarian.

Neither does Mephiston, and he's Chief Librarian, mind you.

Yeah, but - your model - there's no psychic hood!

He does too. His hair's just covered all the wires attached on his head. 

. . . 

Use your imagination.

. . . And his face... ?

That's his death-mask.

That's a face!

No, it's his death-mask. 

You just painted his face gold!

That's his death-mask.

Death-masks aren't sculpted in a maniacal scream!

It's the result of a horrible Harlequin psychic attack. Turned the death-mask all wonky.

. . . so what are you gonna use if and when you decide to field Astorath?

Duh... A Librarian.


  1. That is one strange post dude ;) Looking good

  2. I concur. So basically u'll be using astorath model as yr libby....rite.

    Go ahead dude :)My libbies don't look like libbies either hehehe.

  3. My Librarian looks like a Necron Warrior. So your's is very normal mate!