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Monday, 12 March 2012

Silent Scorn - Wrack 'em up one by one

Before we get to the meat of the subject, let's take a look at what inspired me:
Silent Hill!

Right, now I think you get the idea: Blood, grime, rust, shadows, gore... 
Now let me show the paint scheme of my army:

It took me A LONG TIME to get this scheme right. A LONG TIME! So much so that I have no idea how long it would take to just do one on its own! Needless to say, that's a lot of effort for something that's worth ten points.

One thing I did realize, if you look at this piece from afar, it looks bad. It's only up close that the details really pop... which might not be a good thing... *grumble*


Monday, 5 March 2012

Silent Scorn - Pain and Lovin' it.

I'm surprised I got to even update this soon... Anyway, with June coming up, I made two important purchases over the weekend. First, the Talos Pain Engine.

This is an amazing kit. You have to admire the precision and engineering design that went into this creature. Everything fits PERFECTLY! And to think, only a few years ago (4 or 5) I couldn't put a Necron Wraith neatly together without a clipper, drill, paperclip, glue and green stuff. 

If you bought the kit, you'd know what I mean - but wait, hang on, if you bought the kit and built a Cronos, then you have absolutely no idea what I mean. The Cronos isn't hobby-magic, the Talos is. 

The Talos arms can be replaced with another set of arms, and the tail weapon can be exchanged (this requires a few magnets and some effort though). 

So basically, your Talos can have all the options, from ichor injector, chain flails, extra cc weapon, liquifier gun... but unfortunately I can't show you all that. Because, well, check out my second purchase: 

Yuppos. Crypt Horrors. Or in this case, Grotesques. 
Honestly, it doesn't make economic sense to purchase Fine-Cast Grotesques for a 35pts per model unit. 

On the other hand, the Crypt Horrors are just about the same size (and coincidentally, the Talos' masks fit on all the Crypt Horror faces), and with some cruel Haemonculi surgical magic ~ voila! 2 out of 3 Grotesques ready for action! I used the leftover Talos arms to create my Aberration with Flesh Gauntlet or Scissorhand, and a Grotesque with Liquifier gun. The Cronos tentacles make perfect appendages for the other Grotesque arms, and there's lots of extra liquid-pods to stick all over each Grotesque.