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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

So Far, So Gold...

The progress so far...

Well not really, these were actually taken about a week ago.

Still have:
5 Sanguinary Guards
2 Storm Ravens
1 Dannte

to paint. Gaaahhhhhh


  1. Dude, those are nice!!

    What we need now are individual pics so we can really see the details of each models :)

    Btw...can BA combat exercise II be 2K?
    ....dante's not painted yet....hehe

  2. Nice progress! You're almost there

  3. dudes, thanks for the love.

    I'm so glad my army is so small, cuz painting gold is really hard!

    I'll consider posting individual pics... but not until everything's done :D Maybe i'll post by units (teams). Good suggestion though Khairul!

  4. All dat shiny stuff. Me ead urts!!! :lol:

    real nice. Never knew Sanguards can take Claws. That is much better that the Glaive Encarmine.

    Wonder when can I finally meet this army on table.

  5. @lord ak - yup. Night fight should be disregarded against my army... or enforced for all game turns hahaha...

    actually the guards can't take claws, but the priests can :D