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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Gold up 200pts

Wow, it's been a month and a half since I've updated! Dangit!

Anyway, just to show everyone I've not been (entirely) idle, here's my first Stormraven at 70% completion.

There's just so much to paint!! And adding to that, I do not have an airbrush - even if I had one, GW metallics don't really work well with them.

Hoo... still gotta complete 1 and a half wings and the base, then Stormraven MOIRAE will take flight...


  1. Nice progress dude! If you can, try to take future photos with the window behind you instead of behind the model. It would be easier to see all the cool detail painting you've done. :)

  2. Photos are kinda dark dude :)
    Or is that on purpose hehe.

    Good to see u blogging again. Cant wait to see the finish result. Go Go Dann!!

  3. Even at 70% complete, the stormraven already looks sweet!!! Me too, can't wait to see the finished product.

  4. thx everyone.
    I kept the photography very 'teaser-like' as the rest of the model is unworthy of show.

    Anyway, more updates on the way.

  5. yay, Goldie is almost ready for war :D

  6. This is the one that survive my Lances eh.. I'll make sure to bring more Lance the next time we meet..

    The price of Golden slaves has gone overboard since the last raid failed.

    Seriously.. nice stuff man

  7. The snapshot has done injustice to the model.
    Try not to get the light behind the model. It makes the model appear very dark.
    I have experience it also, so now I always have the light in front of the model.