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Friday, 17 June 2011

Let's give a hand to Zaphod

Here are more WIP shots of my Sanguinary Furioso, whom I've named Zaphod:

Just one more arm to go, some weathering on the legs and overall body, and I'm done! woot!


  1. Looks great!

    Are you doing anything else with the base?

  2. good point on the base. i'll look into it :D

    meanwhile Zaphod is done, except for the base hahaha. Now onto my Sanguinary Priests!

  3. nice work Dann! and welcome to Blogger!

    I love the gold paint job. Are using metallic or non-metallic?

  4. thanks dude!
    it's metallic actually, I used like 7 layers to build the effect you see on the model.

    tin bits
    tin bits + shining gold
    shining gold
    shining gold + burnished gold
    burnished gold
    burnished gold + white