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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Point the way, Rahab!

It's really so cool when your army is only 22 models small.

Back in the days of preparing Hive Fleet Zavulon, I was counting each and every Termagant I finished going 'let this madness end!'

Now I can put in large amounts of work into each model. And the count gets smaller every week. Today marks the 5th completed model. 17 more to go.

I present Rahab:


  1. Very nice Dann. Keep it up.

  2. Nicely done Dann!! Now tell me how do u do the bases?

  3. woah, faizal, sorry didn't see your post.

    Uhm, you mean how did i make it? Or how did i paint it?

    well okay, first off, it's cork cut at random to resemble jagged rocks. The dude is pinned into the rock, so he won't break off easy. I then put a layer of superglue all over the base so it doesn't break or chip easy.

    Painting is base coat black, over with codex grey and highlighted with white. Then I washed it (in moderation and certain areas) with black, scorched brown and a mix of scorched and black.

  4. Thanks for the tips dann!!

  5. Hallo Dann.. Finally.. you have a blogspot.
    You should've done it long ago. Now I can actively follow your progress.

    Real nice minis you have there. I think you did a good job on the gold area.

    But your red.. I think you can improve on that. Coz I dont think it came out as how it should.

    Looking forward to meet your Sanguards on table.

  6. yo lord ak!

    well the red's a little underplayed, but i get what you mean. i'll finish the rest of the army first before i go back and touch up on them.

    thanks for the feedback though!