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Monday, 4 July 2011


I must admit, one of the reasons I chose Sanguinary Guards as my 2011 army is cuz everything's GOLD. With the idea of a Sanguinary army (and not just a company - I'm talking whole chapter), this gave me license to do the most audacious things... and still get away with it.

So prepare your eyes for ... Guppy #1!

Special thanks to Alvin for letting me use his airbrush!
Thanks man!


  1. Naming your craft "Guppy" is going to raise the ire of its machine spirit... :(

    Looking forward to seeing this all done- the airbrush works wonders for the basecoat! :D

  2. haha, Guppy#1 is just a temporary nickname while I'm still thinking of a proper name for it.

    There'll be a second one on the way very soon as well.

  3. Cool- looking forward to seeing this progress

  4. I always thought gold would look terrible on LR and SR. But this one looks good. Finish it quick!!