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Friday, 8 July 2011

Special among the special.

I meant to put these up earlier but somehow time slipped by me. Anyway having completed several normally-armed Sanguinary Guards, it was time to do the big-gun-carrying-buggers.

So I present: a melta, a plasma and a fist.


  1. err, what big gun?..I don't see any big gun..

    anyway, just how big is your painted army now?

  2. you know, big guns = infernus pistol, plasma pistol, powerfist :D

    i have painted like 10 outta my planned 22 models so far...

  3. Wah.. half already? I only finish 1 Raider hahaha

    Real nice weapon. Sure confers +2 strength in combat, but -2 Ini lah kan :)

  4. The converted lances look great- very nice.

    Quick question on your bases for you- are you going to do anything with the bare plastic top of the base that isn't covered by the rocks you've put there? Like some sand or something?

  5. @lordAK - i'm only quick with the sanguinary guards - they are actually really easy to do once you get the gold right.

    @dk - i haven't really decided what to do with the black parts of the base yet. most likely sand and paint them, but i will relook into it once i get most of my models done. i was thinking i could probably leave them black. Any thoughts?

  6. @dann: better to put some sand/rocks rather than leaving it bare plastic..

  7. I think anything would be better than how they are. Right now they look unfinished :)

  8. Doing a bit of rocks/gravel and the rest sand, and then painted in a similar palette to what you used on the big rocks would look pretty sweet!

  9. I must say that I agree with them.. The empty base looks unfinished. Put some grass flock or something easier.

  10. Looking forward to fighting alongside our brethren in the ghemehaal campaign :)

    Nice fluffy sang army!!

    Some updates please man :)

  11. hi guys sorry for the delay. been really bz at work.
    Will take everyone's suggestion on the bases - though haven't really had time to hobby yet :D

    Patience. Updates in a few days to come.